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How to manifest anything you want Pt I

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Ever noticed how everyone seems to have the same car you’re driving soon after you’ve bought it? Well, that’s a little microcosm of how manifesting works.  Beyond that, manifesting is a much broader idea that involves connecting with your spiritual self, getting what you want out of life, and realizing your dreams.

Manifesting has helped people like Tony Robbins persevere through a turbulent upbringing to become highly influential and successful.  So whether you’re just starting out, already successful, or down on your luck and deep in debt, we are eager to teach you how to strategically manifest anything you want.

My first experience with manifesting

Three years ago, I wanted to get a Mercedes G Class since I’d spent plenty of time customizing cars with my dad, and I had developed a deep love for them.  Now, remember, this car was really expensive, and taking Jay Z’s advice, I realized I couldn’t afford it since I couldn’t buy it twice.

I didn’t want to lease it, either, so I asked my neighbor for his opinion on getting a G Wagon (He already had the exact model I wanted).  He eventually let me test drive it, and this experience got me in touch with my inner self, as I realized that the car was bringing me the joy I expected.

After returning it, I went online and found one with the exact specifications I wanted; Matte, dark gun-metal gray, with the bigger upgraded tires.  It was also in my price range, which saved me from the stress of dealing with a car salesperson.  Although I still didn’t have all the money, I unexpectedly closed a great deal at work shortly after.  This led me to take my girlfriend to San Francisco so we could get the car.

We’d only been together a few months, but we made the most of this trip after getting the car.  We drove the immaculate California coast, Carmel, and ended up in Big Sur.  In the most remote chances, we found an excellent and affordable room late at night (The area is a very popular tourist destination).  What was about to be an uncertain night, spent in the car with no gas, quickly turned into a serendipitous series of events.

We woke up comfortably in an exquisite room, at a picturesque boutique hotel, with a breathtaking view of the ocean.  We even went to a black sand beach, hiked, and tasted local wines.  We quite literally fell in love.

Guidance in manifesting

One of the fundamental materials that guided me at the start of my manifesting journey is a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks about learning to manifest your desires.  I’ve read it multiple times and digested its core message with my partner, and we both believe that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not.

This book will encourage you to get in touch with your feminine side and be more aware of your feelings.  You’ll learn to pay attention to what feels good, natural and in tune, and you can start practicing this approach before you even finish the book.

Another book I’d like to share with you is “The Secret,” which I heard about through Rob Dyrdek.  You can put on its audiobook before you sleep, so you reprogram your mind to think from a state of abundance and positivity.  This will help you wake up in the mood to win.

With Esther and Jerry, an enlightening encounter with a healer in Arizona during the eighties propelled them into a spiritual experience, which enabled them to channel the voice of Abraham.  I specifically recall a quote from them about how thinking more about something makes you vibrate like it, which makes you attract it more.

For instance, I thought more and more about having the car and eventually got it.  If I’d spent more time thinking about how I don’t have the car, I would keep not having the car.  So, on that note, let me walk you threw the steps to take before you start manifesting:

Understand the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction emphasizes that whatever you put your attention to through thought or desire eventually becomes your reality.  You have to think of it as a recipe. Every intention, desire, thought, feeling, or emotion is an ingredient.

If you don’t possess and use the ingredients, your meal won’t turn out as you wanted.  Want a sweet cake?  Then use sugar instead of salt when you’re baking. “The Secret”actually reiterates this, though from a different viewpoint.

Know your purpose

We all have desires and preferences, but there’s that one thing that you’re meant to do. It’s what you need to figure out because it spurs your creativity and makes your life more dynamic. So if your preferences differ from those of someone else, it’s not necessarily bad.

It probably means that you are on different paths and don’t need to collaborate with them. Instead, your purpose gives you direction and helps you avoid wasting time and effort on what won’t ultimately get you closer to your destination.

Trust your emotions

This modern world with all sorts of cold and empty targets can have you focusing on the wrong things. You obsess about technical performance indicators, finances and other notions that don’t really say much about whether you’re a good or bad person.

This is why it is vital to give this alpha masculine side a break and listen to the subtler voice carried by your emotions.  If something doesn’t feel right, even if it gets you the result, it might destroy you.

Luckily, the literature mentioned above can teach you how to move up the emotional spectrum and gradually let go of negativity and insecurity.  Consequently, you’ll no longer be ruled by vanity, and you can stop trying to impress people who don’t care.

Treasure heightened states

Lastly, you should always note the moments when you’re extremely happy and thankful. These are the times when your mind is most likely to point you towards what you can do to feel delighted more often.

So when you are soaked in massive positivity, visualize what you want in your future, do some journaling, and draw on your whiteboard or whatever medium you use when brainstorming.

We’ve covered a lot in this piece, and there’s definitely more to come, like the mindstate, seven habits and the actual manifestation process, so make sure you read on.

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