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How To Manifest Anything You Want Pt III

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In this article we’re going to get right into the nitty gritty— Here are the tactics you can apply today to put the law of attraction techniques into practice.

The goal after reading this is for you to manifest some real results by leveraging the law of attraction for manifesting something you genuinely want.  Let’s go ahead and get started.

The Spiritual Law of Attraction: Love

You may recall from the last article, we covered:

  • The fundamentals of manifesting
  • Understanding the law of attraction
  • Following the rules of the law
  • Getting in the right mindset
  • Mental habits that enable manifestation

If you haven’t read the preceding article, I encourage you to go back and read it first. This is all a heart, soul, and mindset game.  You’ll need those fundamentals laid up in the right order to get calibrated.  Otherwise, none of this is going to work.

Even if you’ve already read the last parts of this manifestation series, re-reading them more than once does not hurt and will amplify your newfound abilities.

This is because these words, in this order, work just like a program that runs through your mind and reorients your mindset.  The more you embed these teachings, the more indelible your new mindset will become.  You can actually engineer your own mind this way to wake up the next day and think differently, act differently, and get a different level of results— the exact results you want to manifest.

Manifesting Exercises: Visualize with a ‘Mood Board’

To manifest anything you have to set your frequency and your vibration to a receptive setting. Most people are usually tense and not in the right vibration to tune into what it is that they want to receive.

When that is in order, then you can get to actually manifesting. The best way to get started is to know what your vision is.  You have to understand what it is that you want.

Here’s how: Make a vision board or mood board. You can use a Pinterest board, or whatever your favorite platform is, however you translate what’s in your mind and what’s in your heart onto an external record of it.  To be honest, that’s an act of manifestation itself.  It proves to you that you can take an idea from your mind and convert it into a material form in the external world.

Find pictures online of everything you want to attract into your life and manifest as your reality. Then, start putting them together on your visualization or mood board.

When I made a mood board, I put a house, a guy surfing on a beach, & a pretty lady. Interestingly enough, shortly after making my mood board, I met a pretty lady and we have since become engaged.

In fact, I have realized, manifested, and actualized almost everything on that mood board I made not very long ago.  It feels like only yesterday.

How to Get Motivated Mentally to Manifest Your Desires by Using Your Feelings

Next, I’m going to teach you how to add feeling and emotion to your vision after you’ve manifested it as far as a mood board.  Emotion is energy in motion, and it’s driven by your feeling of desire, and your desires are driven by your reasons.

What you can do now is supplement the mood board with a manifesting journal.  You can either keep a separate journal on a Word doc, or notes on your phone, or you can write comments directly on your mood board (If you used a platform that lets you comment on your photo uploads).

You can also get a physical journal of some kind and write in it old school with a pen or pencil in hand with your mood board open, looking at your vision of what you desire. There’s something very powerfully activating for most people about putting a pen or pencil in hand and scratching the words onto paper with it. There’s even science behind that, as well.

Once you’ve chosen the style of manifesting journal you’ll be using, write whatever comes to mind as you look at your mood board.  Write how you feel about what you desire and why you want it.  Write how you feel about not having it.

Some people cry when they do this part. Legendary investor Charlie Munger, the lifelong partner of Warren Buffet (Who was the richest man in the world for years), made up his mind he would never be without great wealth when his son died.  He chose this because he did not have the money for a doctor.

Here’s a pro tip: Do not let negative vibrations contaminate the manifesting journal. They are low vibration and literally repel what you want, instead of attuning your being to being receptive to it.  Don’t write with a feeling of desperation, frustration, resentment, or greed. Let your positive and true-felt emotions flow out through your journal.

Ironically, a sense of detachment is necessary here.  You want what you desire, but you must not be despondent that you don’t have it, at this moment.  That’s because you have to believe you will have it.  If you are despondent, you don’t believe you will manifest what you desire.

The law of attraction works if you believe in it, and if you believe in what you want, because you know it’s genuine and truly about you, and for you, and not for or because of anyone else.

Aim Low Until You Manifest, Then Adjust Higher and Higher Until You Manifest Everything

“Modern men cannot find God because they will not look low enough.” -C. G. Jung

Now, here’s another essential part of manifesting science, and how the law of attraction actually works in practice.  Unless you’re on that level already with previous smaller manifestations, you cannot just imagine a Lambo with a supermodel holding a bottle of champagne and box of cigars is outside your house right now, about to knock on your door and manifest it this moment.

So, what you have to do is start with manifesting something small.

Start with something that you do not currently have that puts you more in line emotionally with your mood board visualizations and that gets you closer to that reality.  It’s important to note that you should choose something with a viable pathway to attainment.  You don’t have to know what that pathway is or over analyze it, just choose something that feels close enough that you could draw it to you with the law of attraction.

Here’s an example of how to do this.  This is a simple model of a manifestation in practice. Say you want to set out an intention to receive a text message from somebody who you do not usually hear from very often, but not someone you don’t know at all, and have never heard from.

A law of attraction technique, a way to visualize this and feel into it, is to take out your phone and hold it in your hand.  Close your eyes, sit back, take a deep breath, slow down the flow of your thoughts and feelings, and be still.

Once you’re still and quiet, with your phone still in hand, then, in your mind’s eye, with your eyes closed – Visualize that text message coming in from that person.  Imagine the phone vibrating or ringing, and imagine seeing that notification when you check your phone.

Now’s your chance to become childlike again in your faith by using your imagination to play pretend.  This is 100% play and fun for you. Consider it a way to delight yourself, pretending something positively uplifting and fun is happening. Try and act as if it’s really happening like you were acting it out convincingly for a movie scene, or as a joke to make yourself or your friends laugh.

Go through the whole process.  Visualize opening that message, imagine what you would say in your response, how you would feel, how it would make you sit up in your chair and smile or whatever.  Feel into how the message might make you laugh, something like that.

Now, we’re going to go about our business, refreshed from our meditative exercise, and let the universe do the work for us. It works through some inscrutable force that makes the law of attraction truly operative, repeatable, and usable by anyone who understands it and follows its rules.

What you don’t want to do now is try hard (or even at all) to make it happen.  The fundamental premise and feeling of that approach is that it’s not happening— that you haven’t manifested the text.  If you operate with that as your premise, that’s what you will attract instead, more of not getting that text from that person.  More of the void.

This is the pitfall of the law of attraction and how people can spend a lifetime attracting what they do not desire by operating with the premise that it’s not happening.  The stronger you feel about anything, the more powerfully you will attune toward attracting that reality, whether that’s positively tilted, or negatively.

This is the tricky part about manifesting, and about life in general, as a conscious animal in this world. If you feel you’ve had difficulty manifesting what you want in life, that could be the bug in your system that’s causing it.  It’s very tough to unlearn this mechanism if you’re fully invested in it with strong emotional resolve and repetition.

If that’s you, please reread this series until it’s written into your subconscious scripts, and just see how it will begin to materially and substantially change your life.

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